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    Use our live filters to test out different nail polish colors to make your preference! Enter your name and email to be the first to test this out!

  • How It Works!

    Simple 1-2-3 Process

    Choose a Color

    Select from a variety of basic to exotic colors!

    Select and test out various nail polish colors that fits your skin tone or preference. Choose from a selection of basic colors to some of the most exotic colors to enhance your nail appearance.

    Place Hand in Screen Display

    Similar to SnapChat, this is SnapChat for nail polish!

    Simply place your hand in front of the smartphone screen display to activate nail polish testing platform.

    Automated Color Testing

    Quick test various colors without painting and wiping!

    Once your hand is focused in your smartphone screen display the nail color testing process begins. With the color you selected you will be able to easily view how the nail polish color will appear on your hand.

  • About


    ClickPolish is gives users the ability to test various basic to exotic nail polish colors faster right from your smartphone. Simply select from a variety of colors then place your hand in the smartphone display screen and the test will begin allowing your to quickly see how the nail color will look on your hand. No need to waste time putting the bottle next to your hand, painting, wiping, then painting again to compare. We're putting the control in your hands to enhance your nail salon visit experience.